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Sprawlcast: More Albertans who are leaving

NDP minister moved to B.C.: There’s more respect out here.’

As public opinion sours on Jason Kenney’s UCP government, there are a lot of frustrated folks in Alberta right now. Many are digging in and fighting for what they believe in—like protecting the Eastern Slopes from coal development, and fighting for public health care and education.

But others have taken another path.

Last summer, Hadeel Abdel-Nabi did a Sprawlcast about Albertans who are eying the exits. Those stories really resonated with listeners. In fact, that episode is, by far, our most downloaded Sprawlcast ever.

For this episode, Abdel-Nabi spoke with two people who have already left the province. Mark Jeffery moved to Manitoba after being squeezed economically out of Calgary, and former NDP cabinet minister Shaye Anderson moved to Vancouver Island after the UCP took power.

Abdel-Nabi spoke with each about why they left, where Alberta is headed, and what would need to change for them to return.

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